Wally Vog

Business and Finance Manager
(m) 512.797.8958

Wally Vog is the Business Manager at Rifeline, where he prepares and presents monthly and annual financial reports.

Wally brings a lifetime of work experience to his role as Business Manager for Rifeline. Prior to joining Rifeline in 2003, he founded and operated his own meeting, planning and travel business. For the majority of his career, he was involved in education: first as a teacher, then as a supervisor of teachers, and finally as an advisor for education programs at the local, state and federal levels. As Executive Director of the New York State Council of Vocational Education, he worked with an appointed board from across the state to provide advice on curriculums, teacher certification, and operation of education programs on career and technology programs. After moving to Texas, he served in a similar capacity as the Education Director for the Texas Council on Workforce and Economic Competitiveness, where he conducted research and analyzed reports. Over the years he has written more than 40 annual and special reports concerning education and education-related subjects. Many of these reports included analyzing budgets and audit reports, researching expenditures and developing financial documents.

He has been a consultant for Partners in Vocational Education, as well as Chairman of the Board. He has also been a Board Member and Chairman of the Board for the Association of Vocational Education Administrators of New York and the Agricultural Education Teachers of New York, and a Fellow of the Massey-Ferguson Foundation Internship Program with the University of Maryland and US Office of Education.