Trisha Rangil

Community Outreach Coordinator
(m) 956.500.1701

Trisha Rangil joined Rifeline in June of 2018 as a Community Outreach Coordinator.  Trisha has a background in guerrilla marketing, strategic communication, as well as marketing and development.

Prior to her work with Rifeline, Trisha worked as a Marketing and Development intern at a non-profit organization, as well as a guerrilla marketing captain where she had a role in engaging the public through various promotional events.

Trisha graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with a minor in Psychology in 2018. During her time at Texas A&M University, she was mainly involved with non profit organizations where she devoted much of her time planning events and promoting the values of these organizations. Coming all the way from South Texas, she now calls Austin home.